10 Never-Fail Ways to Break a Writing Block by Sarah Smith

10 Never-Fail Ways to Break a Writing Block

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I know it's happened to you

Possibly the most insane thing about writer's block is that I know it's happened before, and I know I've gotten out of it before, but I can't remember exactly how that came to be.

It's like finding myself in an enchanted cave over and over again, running my hands along the walls in the dark, looking for a passage or a door or anything I remember from the last time.

But actually, the lostness has always been part of the process for me, even though it still feels shitty every time. (Every. single. time.) But often the lostness also corresponds with a crucial synthesis happening in some hidden part of my intelligence. Seeds grow in the dark before they grow in the sun.

This is a simple list of perspective shifts, half designed to help with a mid-draft block of an existing project, half designed to help with just the basic ugh writing why I hate it love it hate it feeling.


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