Here Be Monsters: Days 1-30

Thirty pep talks, craft notes, and helpful nudges.
Here Be Monsters: Days 1-30
Day 1: Laws of the Land
Day 2: To remain silent
Day 3: Knock once for yes
Day 4: Don't go camping
Day 5: Quality doesn't matter, but quantity does
Day 6: Donald Duck Orange Juice
Day 7: Why can't we be friends?
Day 8: The mallard becomes the shark
Day 9: The mallard becomes the shark, pte. deux
Day 10: Joan Didion wuz wrong
Day 11: Art & Fear
Day 12: Janet Evanovich
Day 13: Surrender
Day 14: Surrender II
Day 15: This sucks
Day 16: Puzzles and doves
Day 17: Eine kleine craft talk
Day 18: Some of my best friends just sit in the dirt
Day 19: Patron Saint of Shitty First Drafts
Day 20: The playlist tool
Day 21: The headline tool
Day 22: O'dark thirty
Day 23: Jamaica Kincaid
Day 24: Happy hundo day
Day 25: "Looking at Facebook is more important than writing my novel"
Day 26: The Quit Facebook tool
Day 27: The human being is a meaning-making machine
Day 28: De-tune the violin
Day 29: Making the clay
Day 30: Just a reminder