Here Be Monsters Day 31-60

Welcome to the middle
Here Be Monsters Day 31-60
Day 31: Shut up, Brenda Debbie
Day 32: Dress for the job you want
Day 33: The oracle
Day 34: E.L. Doctorow
Day 35: The list of scenes
Day 36: No wrong steps
Day 37: What the world needs now
Day 38: What the world needs now pte. deux
Day 39: Uncanny singing from certain husks
Day 40: Trajectory
Day 41: Flannery o'clock and all is well
Day 42: Stay frosty
Day 43: Octavia Butler
Day 44: Field trip
Day 45: Continental Divide
Day 46: Some people would never
Day 47: Research is for dorks
Day 48: Surrender III
Day 49: The Gospel of Thomas
Day 50: The Gospel of Thomas pte. deux
Day 51: Break it
Day 52: Slam type
Day 53: Begin
Day 54: I don't know her
Day 55: The tempest
Day 56: Water in the well
Day 57: Borrowed and blue
Day 58: Fuck writing
Day 59: In spite of everything
Day 60: How it ends