Here Be Monsters: Day 61-90

We're in the last stretch, babe
Here Be Monsters: Day 61-90
Day 61: Bibliomancy
Day 62: Look out for luck
Day 63: It's OK to cry
Day 64: The permission slip tool
Day 65: Why do you love books?
Day 66: You're reading a book from an impossible library
Day 67: 1-star reviews
Day 68: Nonsense parade
Day 69: Why did I make this course?
Day 70: Trust me
Day 71: This time
Day 72: Efficiency
Day 73: Fuck your fears
Day 74: Negative capability
Day 75: Childishness
Day 76: A question
Day 77: Another question
Day 78: Make us fall in love
Day 79: Change
Day 80: The only law
Day 81: Two roads
Day 82: Neuroplasticity
Day 83: A question, again
Day 84: Yet another question
Day 85: The theater of you
Day 86: The heart, the whole thing
Day 87: The brain wants a song
Day 88: It doesn't matter
Day 89: The mountain
Day 90: The end