Sign up for Weekly Office Hours the First: Monday, November 4, 6:30pm

Starting Monday, November 4th, we’ll do weekly office hours, 6:30-8:30pm EST. If you’ve ever dropped in on a professor’s office hours, you probably already know the deal: you can bring your questions about the process, bring a few pages of your writing for on-the-fly feedback, or just shoot the shit and say hi. (And if it’s a quiet day, I’ll just go about my administrative tasks! Which, thank goodness, no longer include institutional objectives like “grading,” as if it were possible to grade the process of soul-craft which is writing, ahem.)

As with the Q&A sessions, these will be take the form of a Zoom hangout. If you sign up for one of the 15-minute sessions, you can either share your screen to show me some pages you have questions about or face-to-face chat. If you don’t want to commit to a time slot, you can just show up and listen in, or come have a group chat with whomever else is hanging about—a plum opportunity for mutual support, kvetching, meme share-age, and general conviviality.

The scheduling protocol is subject to change based on how well it works for us, but to begin, I’m thinking we’ll have four slots available for the first hour, and the second hour will be first come, first served. We can adjust this format if it’s too rigid or too loose, but no matter what, office hours will be a weekly affair. 

For those interested in signing up for our first session on November 4th, comment below and claim your time slot: 6:35, 6:50, 7:05, and 7:20pm EST are available to the first taker(s). Feel free to email me some pages ahead of time if you want feedback about something specific. I won’t be able to provide line edits, but I will be able to read them ahead of time and take some notes! (NB: The depth with which I’ll be able to read some pages is inversely proportional to quantity. In other words, send me a paragraph or a page and we’ll get deep into diction-level discussion, send me a chapter and we’ll only be able to talk in broad strokes.)

I AM SO STOKED. Talking about writing is such a joy of mine, and I’m excited to share some relentless enthusiasm with you. If you’d like to claim a time slot, comment on this here post. And don’t worry if they’re all claimed: You can show up, first-come, first-served, in the Zoom chat to sign up for a 15-minute slot in the second hour, or sign up for the following week’s office hours.

Whew! I’ve said a mouthful. I anticipate that this format will require some tweaking, and as always, I’m deeply grateful for your patience as things are fine-tuned. 

Away we go!

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