First of all, welcome and congratulations on taking a decisive step toward writing your novel.

This is a big deal. If some hidden parts of your brain are teeming with anxiety and fear because now you've really done it, that's a good thing.

All of the most valuable things I've done for myself have been terrifying at the beginning. Being vulnerable in relationships, getting sober, driving across the country, getting mental health help, traveling solo, and yes, writing the book that I knew I had in me all brought incredible rewards.

But all of those rewards are on the other side of fear. Not just any fear, either. But queasy, uneasy, palms-tingling, why-did-I-get-myself-into-this fear. Fear which I still feel on a regular basis, as a matter of fact! Oh if you only knew the fear I'm walking through about releasing this online course, even at the very moment I'm writing this!

But walking through a fear or two has taught me something: That I can handle any fear, and that I love seeing what's on the other side.

It hasn't necessarily changed the drop in the pit of my stomach, but it's given me a willingness and a sense of faith in the world's way of carrying me through challenges. And while yes, we're here to write books, but this becoming is also possible to learn, and more valuable than you can imagine. 

A few caveats: I can't write your word count for you, but this element is crucial. Write 1,000 words a day, every day, for 90 days. No exceptions whatsoever. I cannot emphasize this enough. Something magical happens when you keep showing up when you don't feel like it, and I want you to experience that magic. Every. Day. No. Exceptions.

Also, I talk in a conversational way about things like neural pathways and neural plasticity, but I'm not a doctor or scientist. I like these ideas because they give me useful "what if" propositions for experimenting with my mindset to help me hang in through challenging situations. 

The daily offerings here are not exactly lessons, not exactly pep talks. They consist of the tricks that have helped me write books, and not all of those tricks even have much to do with stuff like character development and dialogue! Some days, it's just a pat on the back, a hypothetical way to adjust your attitude, and some days I'm just trying to make you smile.

In other words, this is a course on how to show up for yourself every day, bravely hear yourself every day. I'm just a guide on the journey, and I've trekked through these mountains before.

All of that said, again, welcome and welcome and welcome. You are brave and generous, and I know it because you're here. Thank you for that.

Let's GO!


Here Be Monsters: 90 days to write the draft and meet your wild dark

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